Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We love "Illustration is everywhere"

Participates of Bazaar support "illustration is everywhere" on post-it.

>>ting ling & muse from musedarlings creation
>>ivy & mike from Pipit

>>Ah Fur >>Sachi from Hugo's Garden
>>Michael >> junmei

>> ice >>zzzelin
>>lisa >>Yahsi
>>jeanlautan >>jimmytan


Books recommended by Sachi

For those who miss the talk on last Saturday, these are the books recommended by Sachi.

illustration (Japan) & 360 concept and design magazine

创意市集101(Taiwan) http://www.suncolor.com.tw/event/art101/index.htm
dpi(Taiwan) http://tw.mydpi.com/mag/index.php

PPaper(Taiwan) http://www.ppaper.net/

art4d (Thailand)

monocle(UK) http://www.monocle.com/